Denice Schoenpflug

Tarot Reader, Scryer
& Hereditary Hedge Witch

Reader Profile

Denice Schoenpflug is a well-known and respected tarot reader, scryer and hereditary Hedge Witch with over 40 years experience.


Denice has worked throughout Victoria and has many international clients. Her passion for tarot and magick has been an incredible journey, one of constant learning and inspiration. Her reading style is considered articulate , direct and includes a high standard of ethics. Denice’s readings are driven by spirit not ego and guide you to understand the power and magick within. She works through the triple Moon Goddess energy and draw upon the wisdom of Hekate (Goddess of the Witches). Being a Reiki and Seichim Master, all of her clients receive some level of healing during their readings.

Denice grow my own herbs in my witch’s garden, these are used for my spell casting and other magickal work. The herbs are planted and harvested by the Moon cycles to enhance their magickal properties. My garden is an extension of me and of the olde ways. I believe we should all plant a herb or two for the fae folk to live in. It is my life journey to spread the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. So welcome to my Purple Moon Tarot page, may it bring you a little closer to helping you understand your own magic and power within… Denice Schoenpflug, Tarot Card Reader, Scryer and Hedge Witch, Victoria, Australia.



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