Hermine Enimreh

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance Aura Reading Talk to Animals (alive and in the Spirit world).

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 Hi Beautiful Souls, my name is Hermine and since I was a kid, I have been seeing Spirit Guides, talking to Animals and to other Astral beings.


I have now professionally developed as a Channel (receive messages from the Guides and the Spirit world directly), an Aura reader, and an Animal Communicator.


My Skills: 

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance
Aura Reading
Talk to Animals (alive and in the Spirit world).


For humans: My passion is to help you on your own spiritual path of evolution. Together with your Spirit Guides, we will journey into your life, your Aura, your past lives and the astral world to find the answers you are looking for. My focus is your spiritual growth, your connection to the higher Consciousness and your own Spiritual Awakening. 


Are you ready to connect with your Guides, higher-self and greater purpose?! Then these sessions are for you!


*Please note: If needed for your own growth and healing, people you know from the Spirit World may come forth. However, this is not my focus in these sessions.


For Animals: Animals are “my way of life”! I am always surrounded by them, in the physical and Spirit worlds. I communicate with them directly and with their own Guides. I work as an animal communicator for Zoos, Kennels, Boarding facilities, and sanctuaries. I am also a behaviourist and a dog trainer. Animals are our companions, our family, and our mentors.  In these sessions we focus on the animal(s) you wish to talk to, to understand and improve their behaviour, send healing, read their aura, give and receive messages, help upgrade their lives, implement positive changes, and more! These sessions are extremely beneficial to cleanse and strengthen your bond with your animal, even more, if you are working with it.


Are you ready to rekindle with your past pet? To discover your present animal’s thoughts, and emotions? To communicate directly with it and to feel the incredible bond you have?! Then this is the place for you!

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