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My Spiritual name is “MsTique” and I am an internationally renowned and award winning celebrity TV Psychic Medium Clairvoyant

I have had the pleasure of connecting with spirits 

and angels since i was a child and I have gained so much extra insight over the years developing even more knowledge in other metaphysical area’s and I have been Empowering myself and others through these extra area’s. I am very passionate about connecting with Spirit and bringing love and wisdom to all my clients including celebrities.

I do much more than read cards. Along with connecting with Spirit and my own Spirit guides, I am also an Empath, Intuitive/Spiritual Healer, Psychotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Past life Healer and a Trauma and Grief Counsellor. I am an Empowerment coach and I also work with amazing Crystals and Essential Oils and can introduce them into your life to enable and help you with everyday ailments along with long term wellness. I do a lot of healing work with crystals.

In the past 2 years I have won awards for:

“The most Outstanding Wellness Business 2018”, “Most Outstanding Business Person of the Year 2018”, “Most Outstanding New Business 2018, 2017 & 2016”.

I have just been nominated for “Australia’s Best Sole Trader Business Entrepreneur in the Wellness Industry 2019”, along with “Australia’s Most Outstanding Wellness Business 2019”

I love as do others my Unique MsTique way of being able to bring so much into my readings with you, because it’s all about you! 

You will be amazed and so glad you chose a session with me.

Thank you for your connection with me!

Ms Tique xx



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