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Tarot, Oracle Cards, Automatic Writing

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A natural Empath, Clairvoyant, Medium and Psychic, spirituality has always been with me.

As a child there existed a deep connection with the energy of nature and people around me. I would often be the one who knew someone was sick or sad before they even looked at me. I would curl up in the grass and watch the ants go by for a long time fascinated by their antics. I would lay on my back watching the clouds and make up stories as the day went along. I would dance in the rain and enjoy the sun on my skin.

Everyone is made up of energy whether its physical or from another realm.  Our souls are ancient beings capable of more than we realise. Using energy and receiving messages, I work with a person to see how their situation can improve. My aim is to help each person with quality readings using a, to bring healing and guidance as required. I use tarot and oracle cards to help bring understanding for a person’s situation. I also have the gift of automatic writing and can convey messages through this ancient divination.



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