Terri Fairbairn

Psychic Medium, Empath, Energy Reader,
Tarot Reader, Psychometry Reader & Clairlinguist
(clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairalient, clairgustant & claircognisant)

Reader Profile

Terri Fairbairn – The Above Average Medium


Many say that true or natural psychics are just born that way, due to psychic ability often running in families, and having pronounced family lineage dating back many generations. Terri was born into the “psychic family” with her great grandmother being a medium and spirit worker.

Terri believes that while some people are chosen to fine tune their abilities from birth, others can choose to fine tune their abilities throughout their life, starting from scratch and working hard to understand and trust their own intuition. Major life events can trigger psychic growth or awareness; however, minor events such as readings, either on a one to one basis or in an audience, can also trigger responses with individuals often feeling strong sensations when spirit is channelled through.

Terri reads holistically using her tarot cards and her senses. Messages come to Terri through sensations of hearing, feeling, tasting, scents and understanding. Loved ones often call to her with memories that are both significant and meaningful to the individual, but ones that only they fully understand the significance of.

She has learned that our loved ones never lose their sense of humour – often making us laugh and cry at the same time! They want to convey their joy at being able to contact you and show that they are still with you and watching over you by recognizing everything from day to day happenings to significant events in our lives.



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