The Royale Psychic Reading Room

The Royale Psychic Reading Room made its highly anticipated debut at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2019, showcasing Australia’s leading Psychics, Mediums, Healers and Tarot Readers, along with Australia’s very first Psychic Bag.

Founded by Australia’s Psychic TV personality, Tracy Johnston (Angel TraShell), who has been working as an Angel Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant for the past twenty-five years, the Royale Psychic Reading Room will be a visit you would not want to miss, as readers from around the country congregate to provide visitors with universal messages and healing.

What We Offer

The Royale Psychic Reading Room opens the door to a world of spiritual insight, healing, and self-discovery. Connect with Australia’s leading psychics, mystics, healers, and tarot readers. Our psychic mediums, bring centuries of ancestral wisdom to guide you on your unique journey. Join us in exploring the depths of your own mystic gifts.

Psychic Mediums
Our Psychic Mediums can connect you to a passed loved one, providing a direct channel, bringing closure and healing.
Tarot Readers
Our Tarot Readers can provide insight and direction on your current and future life path.
Psychic Bag
Australia’s very first Psychic Bag will offer those interested in a delightful surprise, and there will be something for everyone, of all ages.