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Meet Candice Shortall

Experience a transformative journey with Candice, a third-generation psychic renowned for her innate compassion and profound insights. Guided by her intuitive whispers and the secrets held within the spirit world, Candice weaves a tapestry of wisdom using a unique blend of Intuition’s Guiding Light: Feel the hidden truths of your soul revealed, illuminating your path with gentle clarity.

Connecting with Spirit: Reunite with loved ones who have crossed over, receiving their messages of comfort, guidance, and enduring love.

Numerology’s Cosmic Code: Decipher the language of your life path, uncovering hidden talents, challenges, and the opportunities that await.

Psychometry’s Whispering Memories: Let objects unlock their stories, revealing forgotten chapters and deepening your understanding.

Tarot’s Unveiling Wisdom: Fortify your journey with the timeless wisdom and unwavering accuracy of the cards. Gaze into the year ahead with Candice by your side. Discover clear direction, identify skills to cultivate, and gain knowledge to empower you to become the most radiant version of yourself. More than just a reading, Candice serves as a sacred bridge, connecting you to your highest purpose and channelling divine messages for your greatest good.

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