Danina Scrivenor


Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master
Artist, Jewellery maker & Hypnotherapist

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Danina Scrivenor is an international psychic love and have been for 20 years Psychic /medium specialising as a Futurist Psychic Clinical Hypnotherapist Reiki Master


The Futurist Psychic-

Danina Scrivenor is an International Psychic/medium born in England with over 45 years of experience.

A Fifth-generation Romany Gypsy with a natural-born psychic gift.  Specialising as a Futurist Psychic being able to give you a clear future direction and advice on love, business/job, money and how to live your best life. All your questions are answered/channelled directly from your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels in a very clear and detailed way.

Danina has also been a teacher of Spirituality and a manifestation facilitator for over 25 years, running many workshops and retreats around the world.


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