Elizabeth Bratcher

Clairvoyant / Psychic, Mediumship, Psychometry / Oracle

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Bringing you heartfelt connections with laughter and tears can be a special part of a reading with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Bratcher is a natural born Psychic Medium and Healer who has worked with spirit and premonitions since a young child. Working with energy and spirit, and drawing on education and life experiences, Elizabeth brings you readings that are heart centred and in-depth. Giving you the insight and guidance to create the tools, to make informed life decisions, explore the future and lay peace to the past.

Elizabeth is open to exploring almost any subject and you can trust that your reading will be treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality. A reading with Elizabeth will leave you feeling strong, confident, and in control of your life, even when there are difficult situations, there is always hope. Elizabeth considers connecting to your loved ones in spirit a special honour. She is dedicated to sharing the messages of your loved ones. Proving that love and our soul, truly are eternal.

Elizabeth has worked professionally as a Medium and Healer for over 5 years in Lake Macquarie and across NSW. Deeply passionate about all things spiritual, a sitting with Elizabeth truly can be a life altering experience bringing upliftment, joy and clarity.


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