Sheenam Saggar

Sheenam Saggar

Tarot, Numerology, Clairvoyant

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Sheenam Saggar, an Australia-based tarot card reader and numerologist. My passion for astrology is rooted in my religion.


Sheenam Saggar was born in a Hindu family, I grew up hearing about astrology, karma and how stars affect our day to day life. I am an honest, clairvoyant, and intuitive person with an empathetic heart. I help people by guiding them to make better decisions in life and achieve their desired results. Being a gifted person, I could sense the energies and be able to tap in those energies and know what’s coming for a person. When a person contacts for a reading, be it love, relationship, fate, or career, I tell them honestly what destiny has under its wings for them and guide them through all the circumstances. This way, I have helped many people in counselling and getting what they aspire for by guiding them to make the right move at the right time, healing many troubled relationships, and helping people in career advancement.

There is a reason behind everything. Why we were born on those particular dates and times has a lot to do with us. Just like tarot cards, I use numerology to tell my clients about their fate and destiny by suggesting simple remedies as per a person’s life path number and destiny number. Often small changes can lead to greater results; all someone needs is the right guidance. Being a God chosen person for making people’s lives better, I have immense gratitude in my heart. The


The universe is always conspiring to make our life better than what it already is. It’s all about hearing those silent whispers. I hear them and I guide people accordingly to manifest the life they have always wanted. The law of cause and effect fascinates me. Everything that is affecting you has a cause. Keeping that in mind, my motto is to guide people to make better decisions and make their life happier.



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