Tracey Frederick


Clairvoyant, Guided Meditation, Healer, Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Psychic, Reiki

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Tracey Frederick is a natural-born clairvoyant, claircognizant, and healer and began connecting with Spirit at the age of 4.


Top 10 Psychic in South Australia as seen in The Advertiser October 2022.

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Tea Leaf Reader
Naturally gifted and phenomenally skilled Psychic Tracey has been communicating between the spirit and the physical realms since the age of four. Her profound gifts are both organic and cultivated, as she is well versed in multiple forms of metaphysical disciplines.

Tracey is a very sensitive clairvoyant that can easily evoke messages from her spirit guides, to deliver accurate divination with complete sincerity and discretion. Also having a strong dedication in spiritual healing, she can provide a consultation, that will not only give you otherworldly advice and peace of mind but will also invigorate and restore one’s mental and spiritual wellbeing.

An understanding and heart-based practitioner, her careful and ‘Source’ inspired guidance will leave you with a thorough understanding of your Soul’s journey in this lifetime. Experienced at working with the various energies shaping and influencing your life, her connection with the Divine offers’ insight and spiritual observations pertinent to the questions, problems or dilemma’s you are experiencing at any given moment.


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