Wendy Buckingham

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient

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Wendy Buckingham is a Spiritual Property Guide, house whisperer, and afterlife communicator. As seen on Channel 9 NineExtra morning show, Daily Telegraph “Ghostbuster”, 3AW Melbourne radio show.


Wendy can see your Soul Frame energy, aura, chakras, & timelines. She talks to your Angels and Guides, and departed relatives. Can check your connections with people, places and things, past and present. This life, past lives – Galactic & Earth.

Hay House Certified Angel Guide – Come with your question, and receive an Oracle card reading about your strength, the heart of the matter, and the way through. And some channeled healing energy for your greatest need. Starting at 15 minutes.

Energy field clearing and removing Blocks. Whatever is ready to release, she will see in your energy field, and the Angels and Guides provide the perfect energy & guidance. If you have an issue she can find the energetic source and clear it, bringing light, healing, and freedom. The more you share and open up, the faster & easier it is to navigate – because she goes everywhere. She rarely uses her Energy Oracle Cards or pendulum, but they are available if a client would like this.

Wendy only works with energies aligned to “your highest good AND the highest good of all.”  She does not treat mental or physical medical conditions. Please follow the advice of medical professionals.



Thursday 18th May

Friday 19th May