Angel TraShell Psychic Readings

An International Angel Intuitive, Psychic Medium Clairvoyant. Angel TraShell also does hands-on and distant healing work and loves working on the land.


Born a Clairvoyant, with a Croatian background, after a car accident when I was 11 years old I was clinically dead, but somehow I survived.
Coming back to life opened my view of the world differently and to people around me including myself.


I couldn't explain why I could feel and see the things for the future before anyone else.


Then I inherited coffee reading skills from my mum, who was doing that for me and other people every day for years and I started to practice it.
I learnt to use my intuition and experience to do my readings today successfully.

Belinda Rayfield

With over five years of dedicated experience in psychic card reading, my passion for oracles, spiritual healing and all things magickal traces back to my childhood. As an intuitive empath, I receive clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient messages during my readings, blending traditional card interpretations with spiritual insights and guidance from the ethereal realm.

A certified Master Reiki and Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, I integrate these modalities into my practice to enhance the depth and clarity and energy of my readings. I draw upon these techniques and principles to enrich the spiritual guidance I provide to my clients.

Driven by principles of integrity, compassion, respect, and kindness, I approach each reading with the sincere intention of delivering clear and accurate guidance for the highest good of my clients, inspired by messages from the spirit realm.

Under the banner of Moonflower Dreaming, my spiritual venture pays homage to the enchanting Queen of the Night (Epiphyllum Oxypetalum) orchid cactus, known within my family as the Moonflower. Symbolising fleeting beauty and profound connection, this plant holds deep significance for me, having been nurtured from a cutting of a cherished family heirloom.

The name Moonflower Dreaming reflects not only my transformative journey through the realms of Crystal Dreaming but also honours the rich spiritual heritage of shamanic cultures, including the indigenous peoples of our homeland. In their tradition, the Dreaming signifies the genesis of existence, guiding principles for life, and the boundless potential of creation. It serves as a poignant reminder of our capacity to weave our reality through the power of dreaming.

Christine Karadjis

I have been a Psychic Clairvoyant since my early teens. For the past 30 years, I have been giving readings. I am Empath, Clairvoyant,
Claire Cognizance & Clairsentient.

I very much feel the past, present and future of the person I'm reading for. I sense energies around them picking up feelings and emotions.
I started off reading Teacups something that my mother and her mother had always done. Tasseography the art of reading the Tea Leaves is an enjoyable way to hear what the future may have in store for you.


Along with reading the Tea Leaves, I use Psychometry in my Psychic readings. Psychometry is where I hold an item or object belonging to you. I am then able to pick up interpretations, impressions and history of the object. I use the Psychometry in my readings along with either Tea Leaf Reading or Coffee Cup Reading.


Over the years I have given hundreds of free & Paid readings predicting people's future and being accurate with dates and scenarios.
My interests are Missing People and unsolved murders and homicides.

Danina Scrivenor

Danina is a natural-born psychic and 6th Generation Romany Gypsy, born in England. She has travelled the world, giving incredibly insightful and very detailed readings on the Past, Present, and Future for over 40 years. She currently resides in Australia and runs many workshops, expos, and retreats on Spiritual Development and Manifestation practices.
Private Channeled Reading: Past, Present, and Future

Elizabeth Van Den Broek

Elizabethis a Psychic Medium & will provide you with clear & accurate information in your readings.

She has worked as a Psychic Reader, Healer & Teacher for over 28 years, she teaches over 10 modalities including Tarot, Palmistry, Angel Workshops, Dream Analysis, Meditation, Psychic Development, Munay Ki, Reiki Master

Elizabeth works at Mind Body Spirit Expos in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne. Elizabeth has worked at Health Harmony & Wellbeing Expos & Little Light Expos in Gold Coast, Newcastle & Canberra, Caboolture, and Birtinya plus numerous festivals, fairs & corporate events, also creating spiritual retreats for all levels on your journey. Elizabeth has worked events with Hay House Australia with many artists from Doreen Virtue, John Edwards, Louise Hay, and Wayne Dwyer to name a few.

Hazelle Butler

Messages from your guides and angels. Messages from passed loved ones. Oracle or Angel Tarot card 

Julia Spencer

I have been able to see spirits and passed loved ones since I was young at the age of four.

I have studied and researched a lot on my spiritual journey and I do love to work with crystals. I do enjoy using psychometry and holding people's jewellery to give me more of a connection with spirit guides.

I don't need the cards or jewellery to connect with spirit but I can use them as an extra tool. I do use oracle and tarot cards and am also a reiki practitioner.

Kimm Beveridge

There is an unlimited network of Energy known as the Akashic Records this is an Astral Database of every moment and event that has ever occurred in your life a bit like the Spiritual version of Google.


Every Soul has a set of Akashic Records that has recorded all the choices, events, thoughts, words, emotions, intentions, actions and outcomes of the "Eternal You" has made over every life you have ever lived in all life forms, not just human.

I can give you the Number of past lives you've had. Allow me to bring through one of your past lives for you and see how it is relevant it is to your life today.

Sandy Rosson

Practitioner of tea leaf reading, clairvoyance, tarot readings, Bowen therapy, and Australian Bush Flower Essences.


Sarah Jane the Touch-bearer of Ancestral Energy Healing

Sarah Jane's journey into the realm of energy healing can be traced back to a time when their ancestors, Maori high priestesses, were revered as spiritual luminaries by their tribe.

In the annals of Maori history, one name continues to shine brightly - a high priestess of such spiritual significance that her very connection to the earth was considered a sacred breach. Her feet, so spiritually charged, were forbidden from touching the earthly soil. In a remarkable display of devotion, her people would carry her wherever she needed to go, ensuring that her divine energy remained untainted by earthly contact. It was a testament to the profound spiritual power she possessed.

Through her ancestors' guidance and her own dedicated practice, Sarah Jane has been blessed to bear witness to the transformative potential of energy healing. Today, Sarah Jane stands as a torchbearer of this sacred tradition, carrying forward the torch lit by her forebears. With immense gratitude and a profound sense of purpose, she brings this extraordinary gift of energy healing to you.