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An International Angel Intuitive, Psychic Medium Clairvoyant. Angel TraShell also does hands-on and distant healing work and loves working on the land.


Sarah Jane the Touch-bearer of Ancestral Energy Healing

Sarah Jane's journey into the realm of energy healing can be traced back to a time when their ancestors, Maori high priestesses, were revered as spiritual luminaries by their tribe.

In the annals of Maori history, one name continues to shine brightly - a high priestess of such spiritual significance that her very connection to the earth was considered a sacred breach. Her feet, so spiritually charged, were forbidden from touching the earthly soil. In a remarkable display of devotion, her people would carry her wherever she needed to go, ensuring that her divine energy remained untainted by earthly contact. It was a testament to the profound spiritual power she possessed.

Through her ancestors' guidance and her own dedicated practice, Sarah Jane has been blessed to bear witness to the transformative potential of energy healing. Today, Sarah Jane stands as a torchbearer of this sacred tradition, carrying forward the torch lit by her forebears. With immense gratitude and a profound sense of purpose, she brings this extraordinary gift of energy healing to you.